I’ve never been a typical girl. When I was seven years old, I begged my mother to buy me a pair of construction boots. I was convinced that my life wouldn’t be complete without them, and my mom was open-minded enough to buy me a pair. When I was ten, I picked out a Hulk Hogan wrestling folder to bring to school.


I wore basketball shorts instead of dresses, played with Ninja Turtles instead of Barbie dolls, and opted for mud puddles over doll houses. Needless to say, I don’t believe that people should have to buy certain clothes or toys based on their gender. For that reason, the concept of gender neutral clothing really appeals to me.

What Is Gender Neutral Clothing?

Several smaller companies and a few big ones (Target, for one) have started selling gender neutral clothing. But not everyone understands what it means or how it works.

It’s simple, really. The clothing isn’t made for a man or for a woman. Instead, it’s made for anyone. A woman isn’t made to feel ashamed because she’s buying a tee shirt from the men’s section, and a man doesn’t need to fear being ridiculed because he bought a women’s hoodie. The products are gender fluid and there is no shaming.

Finding the right size isn’t a problem; there’s always a description telling you how to order or a size chart advising you which size to get. There’s no confusion. Gender Neutral Clothing is just a simple way to help people lose gender stereotypes.

Why Does It Matter?

Even though I wore my construction boots and used my Hulk Hogan folder, I did feel embarrassed for having them. I remember being ridiculed by my classmates on more than one occasion for “acting like a boy.” And I wonder how many toys or clothes I didn’t ask for because I knew they were only for boys.

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The concept of gender neutral eliminates that barrier. Maybe a little boy won’t be afraid to ask for a Barbie doll if it’s no longer  in the girl’s aisle at the toy store. Maybe a little girl can proudly wear a blue tee shirt if it’s no longer in the boy’s aisle at the department store. It’s empowering to children and adults alike.

With a toddler of my own, I see the benefit of gender neutral now more than ever. I proudly admit that I bought him a doll because he loved it. He reached for it off the shelf in the toy store, and I wasn’t about to deprive him of hours of play because “boys don’t play with dolls.” Admittedly, I don’t dress him in pink. But that’s only because I can’t stand the color myself.

I love that gender neutral clothing has made it possible for me to buy my son a purple shirt and know that it wasn’t made only for a girl. I love that another mom can buy her daughter a dinosaur shirt or car pajamas and know that it wasn’t made only for a boy. Taking away those labels makes it easier for people to realize that we don’t need to conform to society’s belief that a man or woman should act and look a certain way based on their gender. Children can grow up without having any limits on who they become, no matter their gender.

What Are We Doing About It?

This is an issue that matters to us, and like any issue we care about, we’re doing something about it. Wearable Therapy by Tokii has created Gender Neutral products. Check out the products and wear gender neutral clothing; let the world know that you can’t be defined by your gender.

Written By: Danielle Gallagher

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