Tokii has decided to extend the #WearableTherapy brand to include fashion and home design. Wearable Therapy is a new website that will make a unique contribution to the ‘self-help’ movement. As a compliment to over 500 Personality Profile Quizzes the company offers, Wearable Therapy is designed to help complete the positive mindset people desire.

The site features 100% original designs that are not available anywhere else. Every emotion people feel is valid and no one need hide or mask how they are feeling. The messages from the fashions and housewares on the site communicate to the world that it is acceptable to feel bad sometimes and great to feel better.

Most stores help customers look stylish to impress others. But simple words and images can have a great impact as significant as any designer. For those who are feeling down, they can choose to pull out a T-shirt that will provide an emotional lift show that all setbacks are temporary. Similarly embracing sadness or confusion over a loss at night with a soft blanket is always a comfort.

Retail Therapy Exists

Brain chemistry changes for the better when people are shopping. In 2013, Ebates conducted a survey showing that more than half of Americans do engage in some form of retail therapy. Women gravitate towards buying clothes and food, while men will most likely indulge in food or electronics. “Most stores are looking to help you look stylish or impress those around you. But, we see that simple words and images can have a great impact. When you’re feeling down, you might choose to pull out a T-shirt that gives you an emotional lift and encourages you to see the light beyond the storm. Or, you could snuggle up and embrace your own sadness or confusion at night in a soft blanket – because there is nothing wrong with embracing a bad day every once in a while.”

The reasons that people turn to shopping for comfort are to lift their mood, to deal with bad news, and to help cope with issues with their significant other. “Sometimes we are told that we need to be happy all the time. But, that’s just not realistic,” said Selma Baig. “Wearable Therapy by Tokii is about embracing your highs as well as your lows in a new way.”

While shopping is in no way a cure or treatment for serious mental illness, it can supply the lifted spirits needed during temporary struggles. “If you have the desire to buy something but don’t really care what it is, think about buying a gift for someone else instead of something for yourself,” said Selma Baig of Wearable Therapy. “You might buy that thing that your honey has been eyeing for weeks while window shopping online or get a gift for your mom to say thank you for all of their care and support over the years. You could even opt to donate some money to charity.”

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