Online retailer Wearable Therapy is committed to empowering their customers through designs that combine fashion with social issues including mental health awareness, bullying, and self-acceptance. Authors and researchers, like Karen Pine in her book Mind What You Wear, have asserted that what we choose to wear not only affects others opinions of us but also our feelings about ourselves. Each Wearable Therapy product is designed with a specific emotion, story, or cause in mind to help people show their true selves to the world with confidence.

In 2001, the World Trade Organization released a report that stated that one in four adults in the world would suffer from mental health issues in their lifetime. reports today that 70% of teenaged girls between 15 and 17 have negative thoughts about how they look at least once a day. Wearable Therapy designs are conversations starters as well as unifiers, showing that there is no reason to hide your struggles from the outside world.

From celebrity styles to the infamous black and blue or white and gold dress, we know that fashion can get people talking. Wearable Therapy seeks to steer the conversation in the direction of mental wellness and self-acceptance. Tokii CEO Karla Stephens explains, “There is nothing that helps you succeed more than confidence. And you can’t have confidence unless you accept yourself for who you are.” Wearable Therapy designs allow you to do just that.

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