The power of will does take over. No matter how hard the challenge is presented to us, we can conquer it.

An untouchable visionary can focus on a goal and achieve it with imagination, creativity and ingenuity.

Be persistent and resourceful, do not stop until you feel you have achieved your vision. Your name is “Untouchable” you will do what you need to do taking into consideration other people’s needs, but no one can stop you from achieving your objective.  Stella’s explanation of her design says it all:

The belt has the magical portal that takes you to where you need to go by pressing the button. The boots have an image of the “Untouchable” girl that inspires you to be strong and reminds us to be responsible for our own acts. The lace signifies consideration and caring for others despite the power in you. It reminds you to be gentle. The bionic hand represents the power of will no matter what the situation. The gears are the thoughts in motion. The goggles see the future ahead. We are ready for our mission.

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