David Castro González has been the writer, director and producer of multiple short films. He’s also a teacher at Instituto del Cine de Madrid. His career in the film industry has resulted in several awards, including First Almeria Prize for a short film during two consecutive years, with The Whistler and A2042.

A2042 was featured in the Filminute Competition in 2016, and was warmly received. Here’s a look at the film and at David’s Q&A:

What message were you trying to tell with your short film?

I do not try to transmit a concrete idea. My intention is that this message could be different for the audience. The situation that I show is the internal clash of an individual. He’s supposed to act a certain way and do certain things, but he’s having a hard time doing that. He is a force of authority and is supposed to protect everyone, but his body and mind don’t let him. It’s also about the consequences that our actions have on those around us.

me-2Why is that message important to you?

In 60 seconds, there’s no time for a detailed back-story. I want the audience to be forced to create the past and the future of the character. Is he a good or a bad man? In the mass media, they give us the answers to those questions and we judge people according to what the media says. What happens if we eliminate those prejudices?

Why is it important for filmmakers to tell stories with messages like yours?

They help to create critical consciences on what we see and on our own opinions.

What’s next for you?

I’m preparing two comedy shorts and writing the story of a sci-fi movie.

You can find David on Instagram and Twitter @soydavidcastro or on Facebook here.

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