For many of us, we are lucky enough that we can’t imagine growing up on the streets. But, it is estimated that more than one million teenagers in America become homeless every year. You might believe that most runaways are just kids who don’t get along with their parents rules or feel that they are grown-up enough that they can make their own decisions. But, there are thousands of children who run away as young as age 10. And there are very few who are just looking for a bit more freedom when they head out their front door.

This design is all about helping those of us that have always come home to a roof over our heads to really understand those that do not. For many runaways, the choice to leave home was spur of the moment and because they didn’t feel safe or loved in their own home. And, unfortunately, many find even tougher conditions and more dangers when they do leave. Awaken your empathy with this thought provoking design.

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