Self Harm is more common than you think. Statistics show that this disturbing phenomenon is a real and present danger to vulnerable people around the globe, especially in first world countries like in western Europe and the United States. It’s thought that girls are more likely to self-harm than boys. In reality, self-harm doesn’t just happen to one type of person, it can affect anyone. And, it only takes one single act of cutting or burning to potentially leave a life-long scar on your body.
This design, by Jordan Bouma,  is to remind us that sometimes people are facing demons that we might never know or understand.  It’s more important to focus on how someone is feeling rather than what they do to themselves. Quite often, people find that more helpful.

What do you think of this design?  What images and thoughts does it conjure up in you and how does it help show the world who you are?  Add to the conversation by commenting below, and check out our Self Harm products here.