Because gun control is such a controversial issue, most people choose to be silent about it. But it needs to be talked about. This design was created to spark a discussion about gun control in the hopes that changes will be made and gun-related crimes won’t be as common.

This design, created by artist Jordan Bouma, begs for a closer look. At first glance, you might think that the possum on the ground is…well, playing possum. But at a closer glance, he appears to be dead. There are so many different possibilities that can explain what’s going on. Did the possum with the gun accidentally shoot his friend? Did he do it on purpose? Is the possum on the ground merely pretending to be dead because he’s afraid of the gun?

By making you really think about the story behind the image, this design gets you thinking about all of the dangers that come with easy access to guns. Let’s stop staying silent every time there’s another mass shooting or gun-related accident, and let’s get the conversation started on gun control.



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