Lidia Bahadori is a Canadian photographer with a passion for photography and making a difference. Her work with Wearable Therapy has been inspiring, to say the least. Let’s turn the lens onto Lidia and see what she has to say:

Where are you from?

I’m from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

What was your journey to becoming an photographer?
I took interest in it when I got an android cellphone with a great camera, I realized I loved it and I had a potential for photography so I took a course and ever since I’ve been doing self projects and projects for others.

Do you have any other jobs?

I do catering for the Bomber Stadium as well.

What inspires your photography?

My creative passion sparks my photography inspirations, getting a certain image in my mind and trying to create it is an adventure for me.

Do you have any trademarks/recurring themes in your pictures?

I love to do portrait photography, I also like to portray emotion in my photos to make them have a stronger voice. I find my photos to be very vibrant.

Where can our customers find you or your work online?

I am working on making a page for my photography,  but I post all my albums on Instagram, so I’d encourage customers to follow me: @lidsbahadori

Why did you choose to work with WT?

I love that your products are sold for a good cause, I agree with that and it makes me proud to represent such a company.

What is your favorite WT product?

So far, I really love the Alice in Wonderland collection of items.

How do you think that style defines us?

It’s alternative, colorful, in-style, and has a powerful voice for the messages you are trying to convey.


PROUD- Seeing the finished product of my art and photography.

ANGRY- Knowing innocent people and animals are suffering.

EXCITED- New photography projects and food.

SCARED- Spiders.

LUCKY- My wonderful friends.

CONFLICTED- When I have the option of staying in or going out.

EMPOWERED- Being complimented about my work, knowing that my hard work has paid off.

HOPEFUL- Thinking of all the things my future has to hold.

SAD- Dwelling in the past.

STRONG- Thinking about how far I’ve come, making a difference with what I’ve learned along the way.

What would you rather…

Freeway or Scenic Route? Freeway

Night out with friends or a quiet night in? Night out with friends

Adventure trip or relaxing vacation? Adventure trip

Great job with long hours or Okay job with lots of time off? Great job with long hours.

The 1950s, 60s, 70s or 80s? 60’s (best music!!)


Are your real life (people you know) role models? My boyfriend’s mom who is wonderful mother and a very kind-hearted person. My friend Payton who has survived unbelievable things but is on a positive route of healing and self-love.

Are your famous/well-known role models? Emma Roberts, Abraham Hicks, Rhonda Byrne, Jeff Brown (author), Marianne Williamson, Russell Brand.

Would you like to work with/for in the future? I would like to continue
my freelance photography and graphic design (after college) with who ever needs to get their voice heard in a positive way.

Inspired you most as a child? Certain teachers who saw my potential and helped me along the way.

Pushes you the hardest? My boyfriend- he keeps me motivated with eating healthy, working out and taking the best care of myself.

WT is all about Defining Your Normal. So, let’s find out more about what makes you You!


What is your definition of ‘normal’?

I don’t really think there is such thing as normal, if there is I think of people who follow the crowd. I much more prefer alternative and those individuals who are courageous enough to be themselves.

We are all about celebrating people’s awesomeness, so what makes you awesome?

I’m very confident about my creative talent. I also am very humorous and I love to live life to the fullest.

What is a challenge that you face often in your life?

Coming from a chaotic family background has challenged me in many ways. I had to find my own route in life, proactively heal, and become a better person.

What is the best compliment that you have ever received?

“You’re an amazing artist.”

What was the best criticism you ever received?

“It’s not about what feels good at the moment Lidia, it’s about what feels right.”

What makes your life easier?

My wonderful boyfriend and cucumbers!

What makes your life more difficult?

All my bills.

What is your definition of success?

Success to me is realizing and living your true potential and contributing to the wellness of

We are all changing and evolving all the time. How are you in the process of changing?

I find myself lately persevering beyond old beliefs I have about myself, taking more opportunities, and designing my life in a way where I am content and happy.

If you could interview anyone, whom would you choose?

I would interview Sia the singer, she is truly amazing!

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