Tokii Teens @ Risk Project

Like many other areas of life, there is no guidebook to give you solutions. And so parents and teens fumble around to find a solution that works for them. Sadly, what worked for our own parents may not even be applicable in today’s world. Thus, parents need to develop a toolbox what works with today’s teen.

This is where Tokii Teens at Risk comes into the picture. We are here to help you find information and resources so that both you and your teen can make more informed decisions about what is the next step for you. We offer tips for prevention, information about treatment, and stories that inspire.

What About The Other Issues Teens Face?

Drugs are not the only problems that teens face. There are so many obstacles and struggles that can cause a teen to turn to substance abuse. Some of the realities that teens face are very dangerous and unknown
to parents, teachers, or people within their own communities. They range from human trafficking and prostitution to mental illness and suicide.

Because no one source is a beacon for all of the dangers a youth has to go up against, Tokii, through our online store Stand Up Speak Up Apparel, serves as a benchmark and point of access for other companies who are also committed to the care of others.

Stand Up Speak Up is devoting to starting conversations that can bring exposure to issues that affect our teens. So whether it be human trafficking, discrimination,or bullying, we have a design that raises awareness about the issue. Check out what inspires us and what causes are close to our hearts in our design gallery. A portion of the proceeds of each purchase goes towards our Tokii Teens at Risk project.

We’re About Giving Back

Our goal, through both Tokii Teens @ Risk and Stand Up Speak Up, is the same. We want to spread awareness about important social issues and help people suffering from those issues. Our Stand Up Speak Up clothing designs inspire conversations about topics that most people ignore, and starting those conversations is the first step towards solving the problem. And our donations to charity take it one step further, lending a helping hand to those who are suffering.

If you want to spread the message about teen addiction or any other social issue through your wardrobe, check out Stand Up Speak Up Apparel. To the right, you can see our co founder Zach Tolstoy wearing our Street Youth Men’s Long Sleeve Tee.