At first glance, Alice in Wonderland is just another children’s story with a lost girl encountering a band of fantastical characters in her effort to get back home. But this is a story full of temptation, intoxication, and a young girl running away from home. This is a story that many runaways and teens at risk identify with even 150 years after it was written.

This design is inspired by a modern look at the world of Wonderland, where opiates are replaced by prescription pills and there is the temptation to sneak into the liquor cabinet instead of down the rabbit hole. This design sends a message that we all have our own methods of escaping the real world but some are more dangerous than others, especially if you are a young person trying to make it on your own. This illustration was commissioned based on conversations with young people who are part of the Tokii Teens at Risk Project.

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