15 year old Zachary Antony Anatol Tolstoy is the son of Wearable Therapy’s founder. He’s a student by day and a magician by night, but that’s not where his talents end. The 5 foot 8″ teen with Russian and Canadian ancestry has modeled some of our great Wearable Therapy designs. All-in-all, Zach is a great representation of both the brand and the clothes. Take a look at our Q&A with Zach.



What size are you?

Male Cotton and Mesh shirt small Mesh/ Hoodies Medium

What is your ethnic background?

Born in Czech – Mother Canadian and Father is Canadian but his folks were Russian.

Was this your first modeling opportunity? And if it was your first, were you nervous/excited/anxious? 

Yes, this is the first one that I’ll acknowledge!

Are you a professional model or is this a hobby?

To me it is a professional hobby!

If it wasn’t your first photo shoot-What was your journey to becoming a Model?

I believe in hard work and dedication. Also, my mom owns this site, so I have a bit of an advantage.

Do you have any other jobs?

Is going to school a job? I’m also an aspiring magician in my spare time.

How do you prepare for a photo shoot?

I get the face relaxed and have a 40-minute nap. I do this for each photo shoot.

Do you have any trademark posses or looks?

My signature pose (shown below), looks like I banged my head, and I am putting my hands up to comfort the wound.


What style of fashions do you prefer to pose in?

Whatever they give me. I’m not a picky man.

Where can our customers find you or your work online?

You’re looking at the only place…. I’m exclusive.

Can you describe the design that you are posing in for WT?

Tee shirts & Hoodies.

What is your favorite WT product?

I really like the Ego monster T-shirt. I feel it applies to me.

PROUD- A perfectly executed Magic Trick

ANGRY– Ignorance

EXCITED- Oscar Season and Magic


LUCKY- Don’t believe in Luck

CONFLICTED- Oscar Season 

EMPOWERED- A perfectly formed Diss

HOPEFUL- Progress

SAD- Failure

STRONG- Success


Freeway or Scenic Route? Scenic

Night out with friends or a quiet night in? Depends on the night

Adventure trip or relaxing vacation? Adventure for sure

Great job with long hours or Okay job with lots of time off? Great With Long Hours, I can’t hate what I do.

The 1950s, 60s, 70s or 80s? 1980’s

who (1)


Are your real life (people you know) role models? My parents, and that’s about it. I’m still young!

Are your famous/well-known role models? Don’t know enough about Famous people to be able to see them as role models.

Would you like to work with/for in the future? Someone funny

Inspired you most as a child? My Parents

Pushes you the hardest? I do



WT is all about Defining Your Normal. So, let’s find out more about what makes you You!

What is your definition of ‘normal’?

Normal is just another word for Boring.

We are all about celebrating people’s awesomeness, so what makes you awesome?

I try to be modest, but I guess it would have to be the fact that I am one of the best persons in the world.

What is a challenge that you face often in your life?

Disappointment and Laziness

What is the best compliment that you have ever received?

Don’t remember, I usually tune out.

What was the best criticism you ever received?

Slow down is my favorite.

What makes your life easier?

Family and living in a good & safe neighborhood.

What makes your life more difficult?

School is quite annoying.

What is your definition of success?

Feeling pride about what I have accomplished.

We are all changing and evolving all the time. How are you in the process of changing?

Getting Hair in weird places.

If you could interview anyone, whom would you choose?

Christopher Nolan. His films fascinate me. I would love to understand why he does, what he does.

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