Kate Linden is a 17 year old high-school student with a Canadian and British background . When asked to be a Wearable Therapy model, she ” was super psyched to be asked to model, as it was such an amazing opportunity.” And although she had her doubts about her ability to be an awesome website model, the end result was incredible. The 5’4″ teen said, “It turned out to be a great experience in the end, one that I really love so far!” Kate was able to have fun while spreading some meaningful messages through her fashion! Check out her Q&A below:

What style of fashions do you prefer to pose in?

Honestly, my favourite thing to pose in would have to be the sweaters/hoodies. They are so comfortable and cool looking, so it feels so nice to take pictures in them.

Can you describe the design that you are posing in for WT?kate2

I have posed in a few WT designs now, but I feel that a majority of them are the more upbeat, joyful ones with messages like “love” and “gratitude.”

What is your favorite WT product?

I really love all WT products. If I had to pick a favourite one though, it would have to be their sweatshirts, since they are all so comfy and have great designs, as I mentioned before.


PROUD- How I have grown as a person and have come out of my shell more and more as I continue to challenge myself each day

ANGRY- Discrimination

EXCITED- Going home after a long day to see my dog, Shadow

SCARED- Heights, and Donald Trump

LUCKY- My friends and animals make me feel extremely lucky everyday

CONFLICTED- Conflicts.

EMPOWERED- When I am on top of my horse.

HOPEFUL- My future as I head off to college next year, and see what the world has in store for me.

SAD- Seeing my loved ones hurt or upset. Also, the fact that I will probably never meet Misha Collins or Matthew Gray Gubler.

STRONG- Standing up for what I believe in.


Freeway or Scenic Route? Scenic

Night out with friends or a quiet night in? Depends on the night! Probably a night out, though.

Adventure trip or relaxing vacation? Adventure trip

Great job with long hours or Okay job with lots of time off? Great job.

The 1950s, 60s, 70s or 80s? 50s

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Are your real life (people you know) role models?Kate Linden tee photo 600X400

I feel that my main role models in life would have to be my grandparents, my aunt Karla, and my riding coach, Melissa. My grandparents have always spoiled me rotten, made me feel loved, and given me excellent life advice. My aunt Karla is also very inspirational, and kind to me, and my riding coach has always inspired me and pushed me to be the best rider, and often person, I can be. She is also one of the kindest people I know. I look up to all of them.

Are your famous/well-known role models?

There are a lot of famous people that I really look up to as my role models. Pretty much my goal in life is to be Nina Dobrev, who seems to be such an inspirational and wonderful young woman. I also really look up to Misha Collins, who is probably one of the most amazing men on earth, and does so much good for this world.

Would you like to work with/for in the future?

I would like to work with kind people who treat me as their equal and with respect. So far in my previous and current jobs, I have had the pleasure of only working with people like that!

Inspired you most as a child?

I remember as a child, most of the time I followed around my big cousin, Laura. I wanted to do everything just like her, like all little cousins do. She still inspires me, though I hope I do not follow her around as much!

Pushes you the hardest?

Probably my parents, and my coach. My coach has always been the one to push me outside of my comfort zone in an encouraging and amazing way, to make me do more things during riding that turned me into the equestrian I am today. My parents, though I may not thank them at the time for it, encourage me to be a better person, and often give me the support I need.

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WT is all about Defining Your Normal. So, let’ s find out more about what makes you You!

What is your definition of ‘ normal’?

I am not too sure there is a set definition of this word. Often I find that going outside the border of “normal” can be a good thing. Normal is what society thinks is the “right” way to do things, and sometimes that can be a bit constricting and not as healthy.

We are all about celebrating people’ s awesomeness, so what makes you awesome?

I like to think that I am kind to other people, especially those who need a helping hand.

What is a challenge that you face often in your life?

Those who doubt my abilities in life.

What is the best compliment that you have ever received?

Once someone at work said I was “the kindest person they know,” which made me smile for the rest of the week, and still manages to bring a smile to my face.

What was the best criticism you ever received?

That I need to be more assertive in life, and stand up for what I believe in and learn how to say no sometimes.

What makes your life easier?

My friends, and animals.

What makes your life more difficult?

Mean spirited people.

What is your definition of success?

Feeling content with your life, no matter the circumstances.

We are all changing and evolving all the time. How are you in the process of changing?

Over the past year or so, I have been coming out of my shell more and more, building up my interpersonal skills, and becoming less shy. I have really evolved regarding my social skills, which really pleases me. I still have a bit more growth that is needed in that area, but I am happy with my process so far.

If you could interview anyone, whom would you choose?

Probably the antihero Deadpool, I think his aspects on life would be pretty interesting. Or maybe Misha Collins or Matthew Gray Gubler.

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