The mental health benefits of exercise is indisputable. But finding time to exercise isn’t easy, and you might have a million excuses why you can’t make time. So here are a few ways you can make the time to exercise and leave the excuses behind you.

1. Stick to short but intense workouts

You don’t need to exercise for two hours to feel the benefits of it. Short workouts can sometimes be more effective than long ones. Instead of trying to free up two hours for each workout session, make time for an intense 30 minute session.

2. Find something you enjoy

This may not give you more time in your schedule, but it will make you more motivated to find that time. Find a workout that you enjoy doing and making time for it won’t be so hard. Do you really need that hour at the end of the day to unwind watching television when you can unwind swimming laps in a pool, or playing racquetball with a friend?

3. Workout at the same time and day each week

Your life will be much easier if you can find a set time and day to workout. If not, it’s a lot easier to forget about it or to come up with an excuse.

But if you let it become part of your weekly routine, you won’t be tempted to skip out. You can start scheduling your life around your workouts and stop missing a workout just so you can meet a friend for dinner or go to the movies.

4. Try working out at home

Going to the gym takes time out of a busy day. There’s the time it takes to get there, the time it takes to workout, and the time it takes to get home. You can make things a lot easier by cutting out the commute.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that an effective workout can be only be done in a gym. Even if you know nothing about fitness, there are workout dvds, online workout programs, and even online personal trainers who can teach you how to exercise. You can choose from free weights, kettlebell, physioball, and a long list of other workout accessories to keep you fit. Some workouts, like yoga, can be done without any equipment.

5. Remind yourself that every little bit counts

Sometimes, you might look at your schedule and be overwhelmed. If you can’t workout five days a week, why workout at all?

Because every little bit helps. Don’t let the fact that you can only find time to exercise three days a week stop you from doing it. You will benefit from every little bit of exercise that you can get. Even if you can only fit it in one day a week, it’s worth doing.

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