If you’re into fashion and you want to make a difference, the week of May 2nd through May 8th is your chance. The week is Mental Health Awareness Week, an event sponsored by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)- an organization that has spent decades dedicated to breaking the stigma associated with mental illness. To support the week, you can spark the conversation about mental health by wearing a shirt from our collection that gets people talking.

More About Mental Health Awareness Week


This marks the 65th annual Mental Health Awareness Week. Back in the 50’s, when mental illness was even more of a mystery and even more looked down upon, the CMHA was at the front lines, trying to get the world to understand and speak up about mental illness.

And it still is no easy task. Mental illness is still considered a taboo subject. When someone brings up having an anxiety disorder, OCD, or bipolar personality disorder, the discomfort in the room is palpable. Society still looks down on those who have mental illnesses, making them feel like less of a person for it. This needs to change, and Mental Health Awareness week is the catalyst for that change.

The week isn’t only about raising awareness on mental illnesses like depression and dementia. It covers many issues, including stress, addiction, and post-partum depression. To help raise awareness, there will be silent auctions, art walks, barbecues, and lectures held throughout Canada. Check out your local events here.

Where Does Apparel Fit In?


So how does fashion fit into Mental Health Awareness Week? Here at Wearable Therapy, we have a variety of clothing designs that are conversation starters on issues related to mental health. Our Blue Heat design focuses on how anger can affect you, The Strength of Sadness makes a statement about depression, and Know Your Limit is a comment on addiction. Check out our designs and find out which one will let you make a stylish statement about mental health.

The slogan of this year’s awareness week is #GETLOUD, a message similar to Wearable Therapy’s #SpeakUp slogan. So, it should come as no surprise that Wearable Therapy is one of the sponsors of Mental Health Awareness Week. We hope that you’ll join us in our adventure to get people talking about mental illness. Let’s #SpeakUp and #GETLOUD with our fashion choices!

If you are interested in spreading awareness about topics that affect millions throughout the world, check out our Stop the Stigma Collection:


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