You know those paintings that seem simple from far away and then the closer you get to them, the more detail you’re able to see? Well, life is a lot like that. When you look at someone’s life from afar, or even at your own when looking into the past, it can seem like everything happens and eventually works out without a whole lot of effort. It can seem that some people rise quickly to the top while you struggle to hold on or that times were easier “back in the old days.”

Another saying that is definitely true is that ‘the Devil is in the details.” and this is something that could apply to this design by Jill Hendrickson . There is so much to enjoy out of life but if you let the negative and all of the different elements on your to-do list pile up, you could miss out on those things that make life feel easy and worth the struggle. Remember to see the bigger picture when you start to get trapped in one moment.

What do you think of this design?  What images and thoughts does it conjure up in you and how does it help show the world who you are?  Add to the conversation by commenting below, and check out our products here.

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