Don’t let negative criticism and bullying crush your spirit and stop you from being who you are.  Your dreams are important to you and with confidence and determination you will make them come true.

Criticism is part of the life journey, the negative ones you have to “let them fly”, the positive ones, embrace them to become stronger.  This design, created by artist Stella Jurgen, empowers all women. Stella’s explanation of her design says it all:

The birds are fighting and bickering in the background about you, don’t let them “get to your hair”…

The tattoo on the arm says “Be Nice”, despite everything that is going on, remember to always be nice, as in the future people will remember you for the nice things you did for them.

The flowers show kindness and beauty that is in you to share.
The girl is blowing a butterfly away releasing it from her hand and saying “that does not bother me, I just ‘Let It Fly’.”

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