I’m Fiona O’Leary and I recently recorded an interview with Karla on the subject of Scientology and how Ireland is under attack by the Scientology Cult.

I’ve always been sceptical of Scientology, to say the least. However I became truly concerned when I realised they were beginning to ramp up their activities in Ireland. As part of this they have a new centre at Firhouse in Dublin which they use as a base from which to prey upon children and vulnerable people.

They are doing this by encouraging the vulnerable in our society to join the Scientology cause by offering them free events. Unfortunately this is a strategy that is working for some and this is why I was spurred into action and have been actively investigating Scientologist activities in Ireland.

My investigations have led to working with the media, the police and the department of health. Why the department of health? Because these Scientologists are so deluded that they are actively offering dangerous unapproved treatments for Autistic children. They are taking advantage of the concern that parents have for their children and offering dangerous treatments that have not been proven to have any positive benefits. All so they can further the cause of Scientology, swell the ranks and bring in more funding from people desperate for an answer to their problems.

This reporting has led to threats from the Scientology centre at Firhouse. I recorded staff members as they threatened to have my children and I physically beaten. They have threatened me and my family and now a criminal investigation has recently been opened by the authorities.

The spotlight seems to be shining on the Scientology cult but I would like to shine this spotlight on those who are supporting, protecting and endorsing this cult in Ireland. These ‘non Scientologists’ are giving this cult a platform, giving them credibility and normalising their vile behaviour.

We have discovered that there are politicians, PR companies, radio stations, charities, religious groups, advertising agencies and more who are working with the Scientology cult in Ireland. The Church of Scientology uses its bogus front groups, like Youth For Human Rights and CCHR, to ensnare people.

PR companies in Ireland that have worked with with many respectable worldwide brands and have previously promoted scientific causes are now choosing to work with Scientology at Firehouse. The Church of Scientology represents the opposite of Science and is known to promote anti-vaccine rhetoric. It is also anti-psychiatry and offers pseudoscientific treatments that pose serious danger to vulnerable people. Prominent Scientologists are even endorsing the lethal banned bleach product MMS.

I phoned and spoke with an agent, Kieron, from one of these PR companies who confirmed with pride that he was representing the Church of Scientology. Later I phoned again to make Kieron aware of how this cult and their staff members were threatening to physically assault me and my children. However he refused to speak with me and hung up the phone.

Next I wrote Kieron an email to voice my concerns about him working for a cult that experiments on Autistic children with illegal protocols. I told him about the staff member at the Scientology Centre at Firhouse Dublin threatening to beat me and my children. He did not reply to my email.

Does he expect us to not be concerned about this? Does he not care about his reputation? The money must be good with this cult! Not just for Kieron but all the other media companies, charities and public figures that have thrown in with them.

Recently The Square Shopping Centre in Tallaght, Dublin was overshadowed by massive TV screens that towered over the public. They bombarded shoppers with advertisements from an Irish media company promoting this cult’s events.

Of course there are groups that need support and funding in order to continue their good work. Youth groups, medical research, homeless support groups, for example. I understand that it can be tempting to take a sizeable donation from Scientology. A homelessness support group has admitted to taking money from Scientology but anyone taking money from this cult are supporting them and giving them credibility. Nicola from the support group has said that she doesn’t care where donations come from and that she would take money from Nazis. However she, and others like her, need to understand that they have a responsibility to society at large. Their actions may bring funding to those that depend upon them but they can also influence how people see the source of these funds.

Radio stations are also endorsing this cult by interviewed the Scientology swing band Jive Aces and sharing Facebook posts endorsing the Scientology Centre at Firhouse Dublin.

The problem, in Dublin at least, is that non-Scientologists are ignoring the wider cost of accepting money and freebies from this cult. Anyone supporting or working with this cult are just as bad and I continue to fight their presence.

This fight has recently taken me to court with the Irish Authorities (HPRA) as a witness in a very important case concerning a man who manufactured and sold MMS bleach for Autistic children. This was my third time in court regarding this awful issue.

A supposedly former member of the Church of Scientology, was found guilty in 2016 of producing and distributing this poisonous substance. Parents are led to believe that it will have a positive impact on autistic children. As a result these children are being forced to drink this bleach and experience burning bleach enemas. This former CoS member was due to appeal his conviction but failed to appear in court – this means his conviction now stands and I feel great relief knowing that almost five years of campaigning has led to his conviction being upheld.

My campaigning has been very difficult with the abuse and threats I have seen and received from MMS quacks and their supporters. The entire experience has taken its toll on my health and my heart but fighting this is a cause I believe in and I shall not give up.

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