One of my favorite movies in the world is White Christmas, starring Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. I remember watching it curled up by the fire on Christmas Eve and still will wait for it to appear at that time of year. One of the greatest songs in that movie is “Count Your Blessings” with some of the lyrics in the picture below:

Even when I wasn’t old enough to have a bankroll or really have many things that I needed to be weary about to keep me up at night, I loved the thought of getting that warm feeling of knowing that I had good things in my life and allowing that feeling to help me drift off to a blissful sleep. Now, sometimes I find myself humming that song if I ever need a reminder that things aren’t so bad. But, not everyone is as affected by Bing Crosby’s crooner voice as I am. Luckily, there are other ways that you can learn how to appreciate what you have and focus on the good rather than the bad even in what seem like the worst of times.

Take the Time to Say Thank You

One of the best ways to experience love and support is to spread it around you and watch it come right back to you. Take the time to say thank you to those that have positively affected your life. You could do this by sending a quick email or text message, writing them a letter or card, or even doing something nice to show your appreciation. As you think about the good that has been done for you, this should allow positive feelings to fill you and replace any negative that you might have been focusing on.

Find a Way to Give Back

One of the best ways of appreciating what you have is to share it with others. This doesn’t have to mean heading to the mall or even giving to charity. There are lots of different ways that you can give back. You might choose to become a mentor to someone younger or at work or could just give some of your time to friends and family and listen to issues that they are facing in their life.

Stay in the Moment

When we focus on the negative, it is usually that we are thinking about things that have already happened or worrying about the future. Take a little time to do something you enjoy and really allow yourself to concentrate on that and nothing else. For some people, this means practicing yoga or a hobby. Others might choose to experience something new with someone they love or might just go out with some friends at the end of a difficult week. Whatever you choose, not allowing your experience to be clouded by past memories or the future could allow you to appreciate a great moment.

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