I’m tired of listening to talk about the recent election. I’m tired of hearing people argue about it. I’m tired of seeing me (2)Trump signs in front yards. I’m tired of politics, period. But, as much as I want to hide under a rock for the next four years, the discrimination against just about everyone else other than white males is the one reason I know I can’t do that. I can’t hide because then I won’t be talking about it, and if I stop talking about, then I won’t be igniting change.

Now, more than ever, we need change. We need to change the hate in this world. And there’s one form of therapy that has always made me feel better while sparking a change in society- wearable therapy.

I will sign petitions. I will march in protests. I will volunteer with organizations inspiring change. But wearable therapy is the one thing that makes me feel better immediately.

meSo, every day, I’ll face the world in a tee shirt that makes a statement about how I feel about the world. Right now, I think the Love Motif is especially relevant. The world needs a lot of love right now, considering how much hate and racism will be sitting in the White House far too soon. For similar reasons, the H8 Free Zone design is equally relevant. I will proudly wear my H8 Free Zone hoodie and will take comfort in knowing that people will see it and know that it’s not OK to settle for hate and bigotry.

Let’s not forget about the LGBTQ population that will (very likely) soon be under attack by a vice president who thinks that you can just stop someone from being gay. I’ll make myself feel better about that by proudly wearing my Genderbread Hoodie…telling the world that I’m proud to be a member of the LGBTQ community and although you might try to take away our rights, you can never make us ashamed.

me (5)And women’s rights? I need some extreme wearable therapy for that. Our president-elect wants to take away a women’s right to choose. He has no respect for women, and that’s putting it lightly. Seriously. Look at all of the women who have accused him of assault. So the already failing justice system (when it comes to sexual assault) will certainly not improve. If anything, it will get much worse. That’s where the soon-to-launch Equality tee will come in handy. Wearing that, I can at least take solace in knowing that Trump supporters can’t ignore the fact that he’s taking away all of the rights that women have fought for over the past few centuries.

So, I’ll stop talking about it. I won’t rant on social media, or try to discuss the depressing state of the country with everyone I meet. Instead, I’ll just start participating in some wearable therapy and will get other people thinking about the changes we need to make by wearing clothes that get them to do the talking.

Written By: Dani Gallagher

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