Dorado means “Gold” in Spanish. Like her namesake, Encarna Dorado has golden dreams of feeling and beauty. These dreams are softly conveyed by her drawings and do more than please the eye, while they also move you in a deep and profound way.

In her own words, “when a creator looks for inspiration often it’s the hardest of moments which look the most beautiful.” Her biggest inspiration, which drives Encarna today, was the birth of her child. On that day she says her “life was full of happiness and (her) desire to create began anew since (she) found that the best way to know the world is through drawing.” From there her inspiration has brought her many opportunities.

Since then, she has studied techniques that bring her drawings into the digital world.  She even won an award for her illustrations, which were adapted from a children’s magazine that was aired as a weekly segment on a TV program. A passion, which began at a young age , continues today with applications of oil, photo editing technology, and drawing. She taught herself how to illustrate by faithfully following the work of illustrators she admired and then creating her own distinct style.

When asked about her muse, Encarna says that it’s all around her. A cup of coffee, a book or even just freestyle drawing will often give this artist new ideas and notions to pursue. If she can’t find her muse, she changes a color in her house. Her advice to us is to use active colors to create the type of environment we want in our homes. Green to relax, yellow and orange for happiness, blue to activate the intellect, violet for spiritual states and finally, pinks and reds for love.

Encarna Dorado is a beautiful product of growing up in Spain, the home country of such great artists as Picasso and Goya. She uses her art to draw on the emotions of the viewers, inspire deep thought, and even teach lessons.

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