Tiffany Hill is an employment/labor law attorney who uses her experience to support domestic abuse victims and to spread awareness about the issue. In addition to being an author and a podcast host, she’s also executive producer of The Last Time, a domestic violence awareness film  that gets people talking about the warning signs of abuse, supporting victims, and values like self-worth and authenticity.

 According to Tiffany, “There will be people who view The Last Time and reflect upon how the many facets of abuse have shown up in their own lives and/or how domestic violence has affected those close to them. This platform allows for continued dialogue and awareness regarding the issue of domestic abuse and is what makes this film important: it will change lives. I have a passion and commitment to eradicate domestic violence and help those who have been impacted by it. That is the same focus we have for The Last Time, a film that will support that cause around the world.”

What inspired you to be involved in this project?

My passion is rooted in a desire to raise awareness of an issue that is often swept under the rug, particularly within the African American community. As an attorney and survivor of domestic abuse, it pained me to experience court systems and officials who did not understand domestic violence or the manipulation used by the abuser. My desire to eradicate domestic abuse begins with people comprehending what abuse entails and ensuring the abused have the support and resources they need to safely exit unhealthy relationships.

captureWhat has been one of the biggest challenges in making this film?

I am passionate about domestic violence awareness and recognize the necessity of the message, therefore it doesn’t feel like work and I didn’t view any aspect of the film process as challenging. I’m a firm believer that when you show up authentic, it’s easy to get others to see the value in what you’re doing. I am grateful to have an exceptional production team and supporters who all helped make this project a reality.

What has been your happiest/most rewarding moment in this journey?

As a domestic violence survivor who also experienced re-victimization, I quickly realized there was a need for me to share my story. After publishing my first book, Authentic Me:A Story of Strength, Perseverance and Faith, I began to connect with women who shared similar experiences. The transparency was healing for me and inspiring to others. The awareness that others are encouraged and uplifted by knowing that they are not alone on their journey of healing from an abusive situation, is my greatest reward.

Where do you take it from here? What’s next?

I am an experienced employment/labor law attorney and utilize my legal expertise as an advocate for increased awareness surrounding the issue of domestic violence. I am author of Authentic Me: A Story of Strength, me-1Perseverance and Faith, wherein I share my personal story as a survivor of an emotionally and physically abusive relationship. Additionally, I host a motivational podcast, “Authentic Conversations,” which delivers content on such topics as self-worth, professional development, emotional and spiritual health.

I am owner of TH Authentic, LLC a company designed to inspire women to move past the pain of domestic abuse into their authentic purpose. In connection with this mission, I manage a closed Facebook Group entitled ‘Authentic Me.’  This group provides a safe place for domestic abuse survivors to heal and grow. I also maintain a blog.

I am continuing the domestic advocacy work through my passion for writing as an author on the topic of domestic abuse (The Authentic Me book series), speaking engagements and using the The Last Time film as a platform for continued dialogue on the topic. Information regarding my upcoming projects are posted on my website  and through my social media community, @th_authentic.

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