We all have those moments where happiness seems very far away.  When you’re just dealing with a stressful time or a sad event, you usually know that happiness will come again.  But, if you’re someone who suffers from depression, you can lose hope of your heart ever again being filled with joy.

While it is not easy, you do have the power to start a change in your own mood and get back to the light and positivity of happiness.  It just starts with one spark that you hold onto until it grows to overtake the stress or sorrow that you have been feeling.  That spark might be remembering a perfect moment or interacting with something or someone you love.

This design by Jill Henrichsen illustrates the power that comes along with happiness. With it comes a want for growth and even the feeling that you are without limits and can face anything that might come across your path.  This design is about spreading happiness by reminding people that it is always something that they have inside of them.



The Spread Positivity Collection