Stand Up Speak Up is seeking brave artists who wish to have their work featured on our Apparel designs. We understand that the creation of art is very personal and that many pieces come with dark stories, created as a way of coping, healing and getting the message out about issues that have affected and are important to you. We want your art to be seen. We want it to spark conversations. We want it to inspire change.

Our artists honestly portray some of life’s most difficult subjects and we are looking to collaborate with creators who have true life experience dealing with issues like:

  • drug and alcohol abuse/addiction
  • mental illness
  • homelessness
  • abuse
  • sexual equality
  • discrimination


We wish to discover artists who have not had a chance to feature their work on a global scale and are looking for partners who are willing to speak about their piece in videos, on our podcast or with a blog post. We are a small company, so we are not able to pay big bucks but love to promote all of our artists in any way that we can through our social media, sites and media accounts so that you can get recognized for your amazing work.


We are looking to build long-term relationships with artists from all over the world.


Think this sounds like you? Send our Founder Karla an email at She would love to speak to you about how this opportunity works.


Sending your art is easy. We just need a 300 dpi 4000-6000 pixels scan which can be done at your local print shop. We work with amazing graphic designers to turn your art into amazing fashion.


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