Lee Hirsch is a documentary filmmaker who has seen much success in his career. His 2011 film, “BULLY” premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2011 and has won multiple awards at film festivals. It’s been screened to over a million children, teachers, and parents.

But Hirsch’s dedication to bringing an end to bullying didn’t stop there. He continues to spread awareness about bullying through his film’s website, the Bully Project. His intended audience isn’t only the victims; it’s also those who need help feeling empathy for the victims…those who need help acknowledging how devastating bullying can be.

His website features tools to help parents, students, and educators spread the word about bullying. There are education toolkits, ways to share your own experience, and resources for you to get help all available on the site.

1. What’s your role in film production?


2. Can you sum up your film in two sentences?

We feel the “BULLY” film will raise awareness about bullying. It follows the stories of bullying victims and gives you a glimpse of how life is for them.

3. What inspired you to be involved in this project?

I personally was bullied as a child; back then it wasn’t taken seriously. One reason we made our website and Facebook page was to educate people and give victims a voice.

4. What has been one of the biggest challenges in making this film?

I believe the most challenging part was not being able to step in when bullying occurred.  In order to capture what victims go through, the producers had to film the events without interfering.

5. What has been your happiest/most rewarding moment in this journey?

Being able to reach out to hundreds of students, parents and schools.  This movement is making a difference with how our society handles bullying.

6. What sort of change do you hope your film instigates?

One change is for victims to know they are not alone.  We want them to use their voices and speak up against bullying.  We want schools and society to realize the problem is real, that we all need to take action to prevent bullying.

7. Where do you take it from here? What’s next?

We are continuing to provide support, resources and information to our community.  Our team posts daily articles to encourage our supports.  The BULLY Project page is a place where everyone is welcome to come and receive support, resources and inspiration.

You can check them out on Facebook here or view their website here.

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