Bravery is something we all want to possess in ourselves.  It is more than just being fearless and having the ability to face any situation that might stand in our way.  It is about feeling that fear or sensing the possibility of failure and still going for it anyway, because something or someone in your life is worth the risk.  This design by Jill Henrichsen for our One Word Collection is all about finding that fire inside of you that will allow you to become even more great.

Everyone has a different definition of bravery.  For some, it is facing real monsters and people who might be trying to push you down when you should be reaching for the top.  For others, it is facing those demons that live inside of us all without allowing them to turn you into a negative person or someone who gives up on themselves and gives up on being an active member of the world.  Whatever your definition, this design should help you find the strength inside of you to face anything that might want to stand in your path.



The Spread Positivity Collection