A title like this seems a little harsh, but in my opinion, this is the reality of our world today. Human Trafficking is one of the fastest growing organized crimes today. I remember when the word, “cancer” was new to my vocabulary and now it is a common word that affects almost every family in one way or another. I feel that at the rate at which this crime is growing, our youth (and the next generations to come) are going to know way too much about the issue of human trafficking. Unfortunately, this crime is not showing any sign of going away.

This reality did not sit well with me. The actuality that about half of those lured into the dark, hidden and abusive human trafficking industry are minors lit a fire in my heart that I could not ignore. I honestly felt anger. I’m the first to admit that the response of anger is probably not the best response, but it was that anger that led to action. I am a natural “do-er”. I would much rather do something about any obstacle in my way than to sit back and hope for the best.

I’ve been called to be a voice for the youth of this nation (and abroad) who are being lured into this nasty crime. I began to research the issue and discovered that in my opinion there was not much discussion happening about this issue. I understand that human trafficking is not an easy topic to talk about but if no one is teaching our youth about this risk then they are being lured into this hidden crime all the while not even recognizing the danger that may be ahead. The idea of being lured frankly because no one is telling them about it and raising their awareness to the crime was not ok! I needed to “do” something.

I joined forces with an amazing organization called, Women At Risk, International. They are well known for their ongoing efforts to fight human trafficking here in the U.S. and abroad. The story of how this relationship began is a blog post in itself, but let’s just say it was obviously no coincidence that we were meant to be a team.

Unknown to me, W.A.R. had been looking for someone with a heart for youth to come on board, and with my heart on fire to protect the youth of this nation from human trafficking, it was perfect! I accepted their invitation to be their Youth Ambassador and am loving every minute of it!

I wanted to shout the truth from the rooftops, but thought that maybe schools, churches, camps and community events may be a better option. I began by creating a program that would give the youth and young adults of this world the insight they needed to protect themselves.

WARNING LIGHTS is a preventative approach to raising awareness on human trafficking for youth and young adults. This program discusses actual lures and signs of human trafficking. It also shares how to respond when they are faced with a lure or if they recognize the signs of human trafficking. Finally, it shares on how to create a circle of protection so that they can help protect themselves and others from being lured into this hidden industry. I want every individual to be able to recognize the “WARNING LIGHTS” of human trafficking when they see them.

Awareness is saving lives! Prevention is the key to fighting human trafficking and protecting our youth. Through the WARNING LIGHTS program, I have been raising awareness for years. The need for protection is clear!

Let’s be warriors in this fight together! Be courageous! Be aware and SHARE!

Written By: Guest Blogger Jenn Amo, ambassador for Women At Risk. You can donate to her organization here.

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  1. Cindy Jones

    Thanks for bringing this to attention. It really is hard to believe that these things happen so we need to be vigilant.