Stella Jurgen is one artist who enjoys being in the public eye. She does live paintings at various events and has competed in Art Battle events. The talented painter is also founder of 17 Designs, a graphic design and websites company established in 1998. You can check out some of Stella’s work on her Facebook page or website.

What Wearable Therapy designs and products did you create?

I created the “Bite Me”, “I Love Who I Am”, “Love Butterfly”, “Let It Fly”, “Untouchable”, “Rebel with a Cause”, “Fancy Girl” and “Naughty Girl” illustrations.

What other artists do you admire?

I admire the artists: Salvador Dali, Gustav Klimt, and Pablo Picasso, I also love the work of the Canadian artist Heather Cooper.

What was your favorite part about creating a design for us?

I enjoyed the freedom to express my feelings. When creating a design for Wearable Therapy, I focused on my inner fears and struggled with conquering them. Drawing this image made me feel strong and safe, free from harm and armed with power.

The woman represents all women, no matter what race, colour or background. The feathers mean proud achievements in the life journey. The arrows are hurtful situations, one in particular has wounded the heart at a young age. The flowers represent being fragile and docile. The chains around the neck represent the voice that during conflicts one is not able to speak as the voice comes out without sound. The bird squeaks in its place, as it becomes the freedom to speak when the voice has no power. The wolf means intelligence, leadership and strength to face any fears.

Which social issue(s) concerns you the most?

I am concerned with abuse against women and children. I support Abrigo Centre, a non-profit organization in Toronto that focuses on assisting women and their children that are victims of domestic violence. It is important to provide support to women to help them re-gain their self-confidence, improve their well-being and make them strong again.

What motivated you to care about that issue?me-1

Women are usually mistreated, hurt and killed for being who they are. Their dreams and aspirations towards life become null and void – their life becomes worthless. Women can be an inspiration to look up to, powerful and fearless. Women are a gift that should be cherished and loved.

What is your definition of normal?

Normal is something without flavour or statement.

What makes you unique?

I feel on top of the world when I am free to create artwork that is imaginative and beautiful to embrace my emotions.

Stella’s designs will be appearing in our Fierce and Zero Discrimination Collections.






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