Where beauty, glamour, fashion, portraiture, and culture meet, sits Italian artist and photographer Rossano B. Maniscalchi. There is something inspiring about every image that he is able to capture with his camera. It’s not just a true representation of the world around us, but seeps deep into your soul and allows you to feel the real raw emotions that surrounded each experience. At Wearable Therapy, we are so pleased to present his work in a new way that brings his creations out into the light and allows you to connect with them in a new and stylish way.

Rossano B. Maniscalchi was born in Florence, Italy. His work, however, takes him around the world. Top models and ad agencies desire his pictures and his work has been seen in such publications as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, and even Playboy. His art pieces have also been featured at a number of the world’s greatest galleries, with upcoming shows in Italy, Czech Republic and China, to name just a few.

The pictures he captures tickle the senses wickedly with their sensual themes and contrasts of light, color, and shadow. They celebrate the power of touch and genuine human connections. Even the most realistic picture takes on a surreal quality through the lens of Rossano’s camera.

Together with Wearable Therapy, Rossano B. Maniscalchi has selected a series of his works which capture the emotion- the essence and the truth of themes related to Art Therapy. Now you can wear his work wherever you go or carry it with you to protect your iPhone or iPad. His sensual empathy can pick you up on a rainy day and spark your imagination. Check out his Q&A, or his website here:



Freeway or Scenic Route? Freeway

Night out with friends or a quiet night in? Night with friends

Adventure trip or relaxing vacation? Relaxing vacation

Great job with long hours or Okay job with lots of time off? Great job with long hours

The 1950s, 60s, 70s or 80s? 80s

who (1)

Are your real life (people you know) role models?

No one.

Are your famous/well-known role models?

No one

Would you like to work with/for in the future?

Vogue American

Inspired you most as a child?

No one

Pushes you the hardest?

Myself… no one gave me anything

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WT is all about Defining Your Normal. So, let’s find out more about what makes you You!

What is your definition of ‘normal’?  

I realize more and more what counts for me is different for others…that the normal life concept me to many appears different for others. For me, normal is to wake up in the morning and start thinking about my creative work all day.

We are all about celebrating people’s awesomeness, so what makes you awesome?

Awesome is anyone who has reached the highest peaks in life, regardless of their form of expression that they have chosen. Those who devote themselves body and soul to an art and comes to his inner need are awesome.

What is a challenge that you face often in your life?

Maintaining the success achieved by moving to places where I am less known, and each time, and starting from scratch.

What is the best compliment that you have ever received?

From my father. I waited for many years after reaching success his compliment. And one day and he arrived unexpectedly told me “You’ve photographed the past two American Presidents!”

What was the best criticism you ever received?

By a person who lives in Florence but is American. After seeing my work, she asked me whether I had really made the photos.

What makes your life easier?

When I work the way I want, my life is easier- I am calmer.  The people who love me also make things easier. They stay close to me even when I am not happy.

What makes your life more difficult?

The conflicting reports and the broken promises.

What is your definition of success?

To have nothing left to prove and continue to grow.

We are all changing and evolving all the time. How are you in the process of changing?

It’s always a new challenge to make art for new markets and different cultures. I’m trying to find forms of expression and always trying to improve. Fortunately, today I can say I make art for me

If you could interview anyone, whom would you choose?

I always wanted to meet Helmut Newton he was a fantastic photographer.

You can find many of Rossano’s designs throughout our site on our clothing, accessories and home decor items.

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Depths of Grief                                                                                                        Flow


Free and Clear


Discover more about Rossano B. Maniscalchi at www.rossanobmaniscalchi.com.

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