These days, technology is everywhere. Everyone walks around staring at their phones, tablets, and smart watches. It’s so easy to get lost in the black hole that is the internet, and people forget that there’s a real world around them.

Have you ever been lost in cyberspace? When life gets tough, it’s easy to get lost in technology. Technology can become an addiction, and it can be just as damaging as any other addiction. You get sucked into it, and it grasps you so tightly that you can’t get out of its hold.

Although you may initially turn to technology to solve your problems, it doesn’t make your problems go away- it just makes things more difficult. You end up isolating yourself from the people that care about you. As you spend more and more time on your tech addiction, your relationships with friends and family suffer. As technology takes over your life, you’re left alone and cut-off from the world.

This design was created to reminded you that there’s so much more to life than computers or tech gadgets. Don’t let yourself stare mindlessly at the screen all day; kick the technology addiction. Instead of hiding behind your computer, try appreciating what’s around you.

What do you think of this design?  What images and thoughts does it conjure up in you and how does it help show the world who you are?  Add to the conversation by commenting below, and check out our Addicted to Tech products here.

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