About Us

This where the inner you is free to express itself to the world. In a time where issues, such as mental health, remain taboo, we say change the way society thinks by showing the world who you are. We are not the same. We are individuals with different views and ideas about how to live our lives and how to change the world.


There is nothing that has the power to affect more change than people coming together behind one idea.  We want to help you advocate for the causes that matter to you by creating pieces that start important conversations.  At Wearable Therapy, we seek to help you turn your style into something that will get people talking about the issues that you are passionate about.

We are a platform for you to find who you are and what you have to say and we translate those ideas into wearable art. Our designs use the passion and emotions that you keep tucked away as fuel to power the uniqueness that is your style. We help turn that into a tool to better articulate the messages that you want to get across to the rest of the world.