Human Postcards is an ongoing series of 60 second video portraits, capturing the inspirational and often powerful messages of everyday people from around the world. Their short film, JAKE, was featured in the 2016 Filmminute competition. Check out our Q&A with Nora Jaccaud, Director and Producer of Human Postcards.

Can you tell us a little about your organization?

The idea came in 2014 while we were working in London. Every day we walked along Oxford Circus and saw a man in a human billboard costume advertising a golf store. We wondered what he was thinking as he stood there being passed by thousands of people, and if we could capture his story in a format which all of these busy people could enjoy, to change their perception of him.

As we started to film, we realised that the project was growing to be more than something about unnoticed people, and that everyone has stories, lessons, and dreams to pass on.

What message were you trying to tell with your short film?

me (1)Jake doesn’t want to inspire people ‘with all of their bits’, he wants to reach out to those who are going through mental of physical hard times. In our one-hour interview, he said to us:

“If I can reach out to somebody else who’s in a similar situation as myself, that’s the person that I believe I could be an inspiration for. […] Not just people with physical handicaps, but people with mental handicaps as well. […]The rest of you I don’t really care about [laughter].”

Why is that message important to you?

Everyone has something unique and yet universal to share and that can resonate with another person.
Why is it important for filmmakers to tell stories with messages like yours?

What’s next for you?

Meeting more amazing and beautiful people!

You can check out Human Postcards on Facebook or Twitter, or check out some videos on their website. Listen to our podcast with Nora here.

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