Being an advocate is no easy job. Here are five tips to help you be a great advocate, and a few things you should avoid to be an even better one.

The Good:

  1. Get out into the world.


Being an advocate is all about wanting to help people other than yourself and those in your own circle. If you want to be a better advocate, go out there and meet some of them! Travel, volunteer, explore. This will likely make you more passionate about your cause.


  1. Get on the move.


If you’re starting out as advocate, you might be looking for a good place to begin. There are currently thousands of sporting events dedicated to raising money and awareness about issues ranging from cancer to human trafficking. Participating in one of these events as an athlete or volunteer could help you raise money and get to know the people in your area who are passionate about the same cause.


  1. Start smoozing.


Why do you always see them at charity cocktail parties on the Real Housewives? Well, it might be a little because people are more willing to open their wallet after a glass on wine. But, it is also because parties gives dedicated advocates the chance to speak about their cause in a casual environment where they have the potential of really getting through to people.


  1. Be ready to debate.


You never know when someone might bring up an issue that you are an advocate about. When you do see that window to inform friends, colleagues, or even strangers, know the facts so that you can really sell why this issue is so important. And, create a pitch that isn’t going to have them feeling like they are being preached to.


  1. Get political.


You don’t need to go out with a waving protest sign to be a good activist. But, you should know where your current leaders sit on the issues that matter to you. Write an email to your local representative to encourage them to take action. And definitely get informed about what the candidates have to say about the issues that are important to you before you vote.


The Bad:


  1. Trying to care about everything equally.

While we all want to be amazing giving people, it’s better to put your energy behind a few causes and really commit rather than having a new issue that you care passionately about every night when you head to bed. This will help you really contribute.


  1. Not being able to talk about your cause.

It is difficult to be a full advocate for a cause unless you know a lot about that issue. Start your advocacy by really delving into the topic and understanding the problems and potential solutions that are out there.


  1. Preaching without acting.

While it’s great to fill your social media walls full of stats and quotes or to have conversations about issues that are important to you, the best thing that you can do is get out there and take some action. Don’t be someone who speaks out and doesn’t follow through.

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