You probably already know that exercise is a great natural way to fight things like depression and anxiety. But, you may hate the gym and running. You’re not alone. Many people wan to stay active to improve their mental health, but they can’t find an activity they don’t dread doing.

Well, fear not! There are plenty of fun activities that give you a good enough workout to maintain your mental health. Here are 5 fun activities you can try:

1. Kickboxing

me-5My personal favorite, kickboxing is an amazing workout. You burn a massive amount of calories in a short period of time. And if you’re stressed out about anything, hitting the pads or the punching bag makes that stress melt away.

People often hesitate to try kickboxing because they assume it involves hitting people (or getting hit) and it takes a lot of skill. However, just about every kickboxing or MMA gym offers cardio kickboxing classes that are only about getting in a good workout and are ideal for beginners. And, if you take things one step up and try an MMA class, you learn some invaluable self-defense lessons.

2. Aerial Yoga

me-3If you’ve ever seen an aerial yoga class in action, you’ve probably thought to yourself, “Not in a million years could I do that.” But it’s actually not as hard as it seems. In fact, the beginner’s classes are designed for- well, beginners.

Aerial yoga is a great way to burn calories while letting your inner-animal out to play. You can hang upside-down like a bat, soar through the air like a bird, or curl up in a cocoon like a caterpillar.


3. Trampoline Class

me-2This type of exercise goes by many different names: bounce fit, Sky Fit, and many more. It’s all done on a trampoline, and it’s always a great cardio workout. As an added bonus, it lets you channel that child inside you who’s always wanted to go crazy on a trampoline.

For those who suffer from anxiety, a trampoline class is a great option because all you need to worry about is jumping! There are no complicated dance steps or techniques to master. Use your favorite search engine to find a trampoline gym near you, or buy a mini-trampoline gym for your home and download some workouts.

4. Kangoo Jumping

me-1The first time I saw someone in Kangoo Jumping Shoes, I thought to myself, “Ridiculous.” And then I really wanted to try out a pair for myself. Although they look a little silly, these boots give you a bounce in your step- literally. The spring on the bottom of the shoes means you burn more calories than you would in regular shoes, and you also have less strain on your joints. Best of all, you don’t need to take a class (although you can). Just strap them on and go for a jump around the neighborhood.


5. Bikram Yoga

meSome people don’t think yoga is the kind of intense workout they need to maintain their mental wellbeing. If you’re that person, give Bikram yoga a shot. Also known as hot yoga, the class is designed to make you sweat. It has all of the benefits of other types of yoga, but more of a burn.

If you haven’t already, try out some of these workouts. Why? Because finding a workout regiment is like finding a spouse; not every workout is right for you, but there’s one out there that is the perfect match.